CASE STUDY: Wellness & Prevention, Inc. Website

Businesses have long been aware of how much employee healthcare costs in dollars. Today, they are becoming increasingly aware of how much a lack of employee health can cost them in productivity and performance. And the numbers are staggering. The estimated cost in lost productivity – due to diabetes, depression, cardiovascular health and other illnesses – is estimated at $1.1 trillion per year — roughly four times the $227 billion spent annually on healthcare. To address this issue, industry leader Johnson & Johnson created Wellness & Prevention — an new concept in healthcare designed to help businesses reduce and eliminate healthcare costs by keeping employees healthy.

Wellness & Prevention, Inc.
Brand Website

Working with Enlighten Interactive, Tom DiJulio assisted in the design and development of Wellness & Prevention’s web site and wrote all copy for the site, pre- and post-launch emails and additional collateral. View the live site.