Ideas don’t just happen. Sorry. They don’t. Of course, we all love the romantic notion of the big idea that comes to you in the shower or appearing in a dream. But in reality, there’s more to it than that.

Like anything else of value, ideas come from hard work. They come from questioning. Analyzing. Thinking. And re-thinking. From looking at what is and seeing what could be. Which is why ideas are such powerful things. Ideas move things forward. A good idea doesn’t play it safe. It’s disruptive. It makes you nervous. And excited. It makes you laugh. Makes you think. Make you act. And in advertising, whoever has the best idea wins.

With more than 20 years of advertising agency experience,
Tom DiJulio is a Creative Director who knows how to fuse creative and strategic thinking into ideas that work.

DiJulio has served with big shops in New York, Boston, DC and Detroit, as well as smaller shops – including his own – in Baltimore. He’s experienced in all forms of traditional and digital media and has worked on national accounts like Chevrolet, Buick, GMC Cadillac, Mazda, Infiniti, Progressive, Blue Cross Blue Shield, OnStar and Capital One as well as regional accounts like Greektown Casino, the Washington Wizards and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

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Tom – we’re using first names, now – grew up on the shores of Mercer Island, Washington – just a floating bridge away from Seattle and he now lives a stone’s throw away from Lake St. Clair in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. The proximity to water may explain his passion for fast boats and his tendency for swan-diving headfirst into any creative challenge.

Despite having been surrounded by water all his life, Tom is not a strong swimmer. Nonetheless, he insists on regularly competing in Olympic distance triathlons and has run the Seattle, Boston, New York and Detroit Marathons.

TD.climbCU3-77464472 cropBut perhaps Tom’s purest passion is cycling. When the weather allows — and, sometimes, even when it doesn’t — you can find him peddling his prized Pinarello Prince in a competitive criterium, a 200 mile road race or a group training ride along the shores of Belle Isle. Laugh all you like at the spandex shorts, Tom vows that, one day, he will ride the Giro d’Italia. Although it will most likely be on a tour bus.

Tom’s creative pursuits are not limited to advertising. In keeping with the industry cliche, Tom is working on several “outside projects” including a rock opera that is – but isn’t – about 9/11 and is writing scripts for a television series about the parallel rise and fall and rise of a particular American industry and a particular American city, that he particularly doesn’t care to say anything more about.

At home, Tom is tolerated by his lovely wife, Moira, and their two children Jack and Francesca. However, in the brown eyes and small brain of Fred, their yellow lab, Tom is a god.