CASE STUDY: Dissin’ The Dish

A consortium of cable providers servicing the greater Los Angeles area, LA Cable needed to convince former, current and potential new customers that satellite was simply not an acceptable option. To emphasize how annoying and inferior satellite service was compared to cable service, DiJulio created a long-running television campaign featuring Satellite Guy – the equally annoying and inferior human embodiment of the dish. Over it’s five-year run, the campaign not only halted satellite’s increasing market share, it also compelled a significant number of customers to ditch the dish and come back to cable.

LA Cable
Brand & Direct Response Television

Each “Satellite Guy” spot chronicled the woes of the hapless dish and was written and edited as either a 30-second brand spot or as a 60-second direct response spot, featuring a specific offer and call-to-action. All spots were completely customizable by each individual cable operator within the consortium.