CASE STUDY: Greektown Casino-Hotel – Multi-Media Branding

Having survived bankruptcy, new ownership and new management, Greektown Casino Hotel was still suffering from one remaining malady: brand amnesia. They had no idea who they were. Worse yet, neither did the market. And in the highly competitive gaming industry, where games and odds are regulated to parity and player’s choice of casinos is based not on intellect, but on emotion — brand identity is everything.

At Duffey Petrosky, Tom DiJulio created a multi-media campaign for Greektown Casino-Hotel which leveraged critical research findings and gave the brand a consistent, cohesive look and feel. Unlike its two major competitors, which had branded themselves as the Vegas of the mid-west and the hip-hop casino, DiJulio leveraged Greektown’s Detroit roots, its unique downtown location and its more laid-back, less pretentious atmosphere to carve out a new niche as the only casino that was “100% real Detroit”. In a market with high emotional attachment to the city, the message “this is your town and this is your casino” resonated immediately.

Greektown Casino Hotel
Brand Television

There’s more to winning than merely being up or down. Being who you are and being able to play your way, was equally important. That was the premise behind Greektown’s branding message, featured in this launch TV spot which also emphasized new gaming and dining venues.


Greektown Casino Hotel
Brand Print & Outdoor

Greektown’s “play your way” message was carried out and in print, outdoor, direct and digital messaging throughout the greater Detroit metro market and the positioning was also tailored with specific messages for outer markets such as Toledo, Ohio.